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Kombucha is an ancient, probiotic beverage, produced through the fermentation of tea with a culture of bacteria and yeast, that is known to improve the body’s health. As its popularity grows around the world, Vida Bebida is one of the first companies to offer kombucha to the Mexican market. We created a brand rooted in the organic, functional, and artisanal aspects of the product while playing with the mysterious origin of kombucha, one wrapped in legends and fantastic tales. For the logo and packaging of the product, we focused on the relationship between humans and nature through rituals, minerals, astronomy, and ancient legends about immortality. It was vital for the brand’s identity to design visual assets that emphasize Vida Bebida’s commitment to fair trade, local production, and environmental responsibility.

SERVICES: Branding / Marketing

CLIENT: Beverage/ Consumer product

YEAR: 2019