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Capibara is a plant-based energy drink that gives a modern twist to a centuries-old tradition. Made from the caffeine-rich leaves of the yerba mate plant, Capibara provides a healthy, natural alternative to the synthetic, anxiety-inducing ingredients of conventional energy drinks. Our work focused on creating a brand identity that conveyed the natural origin of the product while emphasizing its positive effects on both mind and body. Following a playful but clean approach in design, we aimed to communicate a sense of energizing balance, which was reinforced by the extensive use of soft pastel colors contrasted with electric vibrant ones. In South America, yerba mate infusions have been used to climb up mountains and travel across the jungle, but they have also become the drink of choice to bring friends and communities together. Capibara’s packaging was designed to be inviting to new consumers while providing a fresh, more accessible way of drinking yerba mate for those already acquainted with the beverage, regardless if you’re alone or with friends, at home, or exploring the world.

SERVICES: Branding / Web / Marketing

CLIENT: Bar / Restaurant

YEAR: 2019 - Active